Grave Goods – Maxim Peter Griffin.

Through binoculars the poppies scaled.

Through binoculars the poppies scaled.

Maxim Peter Griffin joins us for this Grave Goods outing. Maxim is an artist, writer and illustrator currently specialising in the landscape of Lincolnshire for his mammoth Field Notes project which ‘is about landscape. It is about topography and time. Chalk and flint and sea marsh. The coming and going of the sea, Neolithic farmers and the razzle dazzle of weary coastal towns. It is as much about the ghost of a mammoth as it is the scream of a jet fighter, heading east. It is about movement – the strike of a brush, the pan of a camera – flames in the woods. Each drawing is a still from a film – a film that is under constant production inside Griffin’s skull.’

Maxim can be found Tweeting here, and his page at Unbound can be found here.

This unique project is still in need of backers, so have a read of his Grave Goods interview, and if you get to the bottom, and feel the urge to support it, there’s a short film and another link to his page at Unbound.

Tools of the Trade – a tool/implement without which you’d be lost, whether it’s a pen, trowel, notepad, bottle-opener or scanning electron microscope.

Maxim's Hagstone Keyring.

Maxim’s Hagstone Keyring.

The black flint – I’ve a lump of the stuff given to me by a master in the field of knapping – I’ve only hit it three times – each sliver is sharp and strong – one for slicing, one for smaller things and one that is a perfect hook like a raptors claw – I keep them wrapped in an old shirt, black and green checks – it makes good char cloth, if char cloth is your thing.
I keep a lot of rocks about my person – I’m a magnet for hagstones – I’ve 19 tied to my keys.

Food for the Journey – a favourite portable snack, or a portion of something from your funeral feast.

I spend a lot of time fuelling off pack ups – some things work better than others. You’re safe with cheese and pickle. Maybe a pouch of Bombay Mix. Some dried fruit. As for a funeral feast – everyone likes bangers and mash – use red potatoes and a decent sausage – Linda Mac for thems who don’t. It’s a funny legacy of the Beatles, the veggie sausage. Proper mustard, from powder. Henderson’s Relish. Black pepper.

The Chicago to Munich over the Wolds at first light

The Chicago to Munich over the Wolds at first light

Memento Vivere – a memento of a companion/event to bring you cheer (can be an image).

Chert Scraper Bivalve.

Chert Scraper Bivalve.

I’ll have another flint please.

I found a scraper recently – worked chert – heck knows how old it is – there’s a tiny bivalve fossil opposite the cutting side – I’ll carry that. Good to keep the old lads in mind – also a geological reminder. . .Everything is fluid and moving.

Ex Libris – the book or text you are least likely to tire of reading.

I find reading quite difficult – a question of time and quiet – I’d need a slim volume – Herzog’s Of Walking in Ice maybe – dead funny that. And a dvd of Mad Max 2.

The South Forty Foot Drain

The South Forty Foot Drain

Lucky Deposition – a bonus selection chosen by the guest – can include transport.

Boots – old boots are best – I’ve not bought new boots for a very long time. Boots are transport. Dead man’s boots are best. And a copy of On Land by Brian Eno.

A Message from Beyond the Grave – an entirely discretionary option – leave a note for a future generation to find.

Enjoy every sandwich + share every cake.

Black Sky, Weather, Acid Green

Black Sky, Weather, Acid Green

More information about the Field Notes project can be found at Unbound here, and/or by watching the video below. Maxim still requires a number of backers for publication to take place. Will you be the next one?

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