Grave Goods – Jim Jupp.

Jim Jupp.
Jim Jupp.

Jim Jupp is the co-founder of the UK independent record label, Ghost Box. He also records for the label under the name of Belbury Poly. For over ten years Ghost Box has pursued a unique vision and gathered a strong cult following. Each release’s packaging shares a similar design sensibility and both music and design allude to the Ghost Box artists shared imaginary landscape; a very British parallel world of TV soundtracks, 60s and 70s horror movies, vintage electronic music, folk song, English psychedelia, supernatural stories and folklore.

Tools of the Trade – a tool/implement without which you’d be lost, whether it’s a pen, trowel, notepad, bottle-opener or scanning electron microscope.

“This is probably the easiest for me, it would be my first synthesizer. I’ve had it for about 35 years  (combined christmas and birthday present). Its a Yamaha CS20M. It’s massive and it’s heavy, about 15-16Kg I think. And despite all the dewey eyed nostalgia about these old machines, it could easily be replaced by a tiny battery operated box these days. I used to gig with it in the early nineties when I was in a punky kind of indie band. Miraculously it survived those years despite being dropped, kicked and beer soaked. I’ve had it repaired a few times over the years but its still unreliable, and given to making unexpected crackling and farting noises. I still record with it  sometimes and can occasionally coax a unique sound from it.”

Yamaha CS20M demonstration.

Food for the Journey – a favourite portable snack, or a portion of something from your funeral feast.

“I’ve always had a fondness for pork scratchings. They remind me of evenings being left out in pub playgrounds as a kid (a treat, not a trial by the way). I know of course that they’re incredibly bad for me and I’m trying to cut out  meat, but I guess I’ll be dead anyway and the fat will come from spirit pigs. So maybe that’s OK ?  They’ll certainly date me to a particular era.”

Memento Vivere – a memento of a companion/event to bring you cheer (can be an image).

“Well I suppose it has to be the  banal answer ; a photo of my wife and child. If that’s a given though, I have a photo of my late father playing drums in a jazz/skiffle band in a squalid basement somewhere, in the mid 1950s which I wouldn’t be without.”

Ex Libris – the book or text you are least likely to tire of reading.

“It would have to be an Arthur Machen anthology. Ideally “the complete works of…” if one could be commissioned especially for me. If I’m honest I never re-read any books except his.

I suppose like most people the only reason I hang on to so many other books that I’ve read, is just to make me look clever and interesting when people visit.”

Lucky Deposition– a bonus selection chosen by the guest.

“A musical instrument I’ve never played would be nice. Especially now that I have eternity to master it. I always thought I might like to try the flute.”

A Message from Beyond the Grave – an entirely discretionary option – leave a note for a future generation to find.

“Everything will be OK. It all makes perfect sense on this side (they have synthesizers, flutes, pork scratchings and Arthur Machen). Just be nice to each other and tidy up after yourselves.”
You can find Ghost Box at their website, on Twitter and over at YouTube.

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