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Michael Spicer
Michael Spicer

Welcome to Grave Goods, a series of occasional interviews with writers, historians, musicians, comedians and generally interesting sorts, in which they are invited to select the items they would like to accompany them on the Awfully Big Adventure. This time we’ve asked Michael Spicer to take some time from his busy schedule to be our next participant.

Michael is a comedy writer, actor, director and the creator of the internet sensation, the Room Next Door. He has produced over 100 sketches and short films via YouTube and Twitter, achieving international media attention.

He has written and performed in a variety of online comedy projects for Channel 4, Hat Trick and Comedy Central.

Tools of the Trade – a tool/implement without which you’d be lost, whether it’s a pen, trowel, notepad, bottle-opener or scanning electron microscope.

Olivetti ET COMPACT 60 Typewriter
Olivetti ET COMPACT 60 Typewriter

‘My old Olivetti typewriter from my childhood. With this I could continue telling stories and the added nostalgic rush would enrich my outlook. Plus it’s not tethered to the internet like the other models I subsequently acquired.’

Food for the Journey – a favourite portable snack, or a portion of something from your funeral feast.

‘A bag of crisps where cheese is the main ingredient. Ridged, posh, tortilla, it doesn’t matter. As long as the flavour is overwhelmingly cheesy. My funeral feast must have something with goat’s cheese. And the tastiest sliders imaginable. I eat and enjoy almost everything so we could be here all day. No seafood though. Seafood is a mystery to me.’

Memento Vivere – a memento of a companion/event to bring you cheer (can be an image).

‘My two sons. Not posing. Just together in some familiar scene like in the bath, running around in the garden or engaged in some intense role play.’

Ex Libris – the book or text you are least likely to tire of reading.

‘Any Jeeves & Wooster, though admittedly my thick, battered book of Monty Python TV scripts is the only book I’ve read more than once.’

Lucky Deposition – a bonus selection chosen by the guest – can include transport.

A bowler hat
A bowler hat

My bowler hat, given to me by my wife many years ago for my birthday. Made by Bailey of Hollywood. It’s so beautiful. I fell in love with bowlers when I was a boy, watching Stan & Ollie inadvertently ruin theirs on a regular basis.’

A Message from Beyond the Grave – an entirely discretionary option – leave a note for a future generation to find.

‘Keep on with the equality thing. Bit of a way to go.’

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